A 10 minute talk QI style from A-Plan

An interesting way to talk about insurance, no really!. This is Michelle Jennion from A-Plan Insurance in mid flow on her excellent presentation on the History of Insurance.


Game Show style 10 minute talk

Michelle created a “Qi” style game for her presentation awarding points for correct answers to questions based on her previous months 60 second presentations.

She divided the group into two, we were able to correctly answer all the areas that she covered in insurance and even that A-Plan insurance has branches in 16 counties. Apart from the 10 minute presentation being fun, it will make me pay attention to her future 60 seconds even more intently.

It’s an interesting way of getting involvement in a 10 minute presentation and shows her professionalism and creativity. No doubt that is reflected in her normal data to day work too.

Business referrals through Juice

Michelle joined the group recently having had some experience in business networking. A Plan Insurance is a well-respected company in Witney and it is expected that she gets a lot of referrals from the members.

Call Michelle to discuss all things insurance 01993 778 778