How can your business benefit from networking and what to expect from Juice?

There are numerous considerations to make when choosing a business network. There is a wide array of business networking formats; from breakfast meetings, mid-morning coffee sessions, and lunch-time events to early evening networking sessions, and choosing the best fit for you is an important decision.

'What to expect on joining the group'

Before joining you should have a clear idea of what you want to achieve with a business networking group, whether that’s networking, coaching, referrals, or support. Juice Networking Witney is a dynamic networking group of local businesses in Witney, Oxfordshire that provides invaluable input and support from local, like-minded business owners.

If you missed our recent tweets #Juiceybits don't worry our own members have described some of the key benefits of networking below;

  • You get key introductions from key introducers
  • Improves members' presentation & elevator pitch skills
  • Helps you become accomplished in targeting the key people to talk to in the room
  • Raises awareness of your products & services but more importantly your USP's
  • Invaluable peer support
  • Endorses your credibility
  • Benefit from being in a positive and business charged environment, realise you have something to offer
  • Enable other members of the group to become your sales people
  • Networking with Juice increases business knowledge of areas in which you are weak

The members

It then comes down to the people who make up the group, the businesses they represent, and the strong local connections that you may can benefit from. Joining a motivated group of business owners offers a world of opportunities, such as joint ventures, client leads, partnerships, speaking and writing opportunities, and business and asset sales to name but a few.

Broadening your connections

Networking with Juice provides a fantastic source of connections and is a great door opener, expanding your own personal reach to resource and influential people who you may not have discovered or may otherwise not be easily accessible. Networking of course goes beyond the immediate connections you’ll make at Juice, members will already have a relevant, local network you can utilise and benefit from.

Advice and support

A good networking group like Juice offers well founded, experience backed advice from like-minded business owners. They are a great opportunity to get advice and thoughts on many aspects related to your business and even your work-life balance.

Increasing your business

One of the clearest and most important benefits a good networking group offers is the generation of referrals and the increase in business driven by these. Referrals gained through targeted, localised networks that understand your business and USPs are of high quality and frequently pre-qualified. The quality of leads from networking is far greater than other forms of marketing.

Joining Juice is an exciting proposition and to help you get the most out of your first few months here are a few things you can expect:

What to expect:

  • Feedback and advice on your 60 second elevator pitch
  • One to one sessions with at least 4 members
  • Monthly synergy sessions to discuss issues and challenges you may be facing
  • Your business cards in the business card box
  • A 10 minute presentation to the group within the first eight weeks
  • Your profile on the Juice website within 2 weeks of joining
  • Space on the monthly e-newsletter for news, events and offers

What else can you do to maximise your Juice membership:

  • Join and contribute to the ‘Juice Networking Witney’ LinkedIn group
  • Follow and tweet @WitneyJuice (followers as of 1st Feb 14 are 786 followers)
  • Produce and hand out flyers / brochures / newsletters to fellow members

The Juice Networking group meets every Tuesday morning from 7.00am to 8.45am at Witney Lakes Resort. To attend as a guest or to become a member of Juice visit our homepage