How Cotswold House Keepers benefited from joining Juice Networking

Tom Hesling is the owner of Cotswold Housekeepers, a Witney based cleaning agency who work for both private and commercial clients. Originally joining Juice Networking as a guest, Tom later became a valued full member and has gained many benefits including referrals, support and the advice offered at the group.

Having never been to a networking group before, Tom had his reservations. He said, “I had no idea what to expect really. I assumed it would be tea or coffee, biscuits, and people wandering round awkwardly trying to make conversation with one and other!”

However Tom now regards Juice as an invaluable addition to his advertising budget. Juice has provided a positive environment to discuss his business and gain insights from his peers. 

Since joining Juice, Tom has seen a marked improvement in his client base, his business knowledge, and his list of contacts.

Driving business through Referrals and Networking

Joining Juice has had a direct effect on Tom’s client base. Within weeks of joining the group, Cotswold Housekeepers took on the cleaning of Systems and Solutions, a well-established corporate client. Tom said: “I felt we were able to add value to his business, and it also gave me the opportunity to demonstrate and prove myself. It also completely pays for the cost of attending Juice.” 

From further networking, Tom was able to take on more clients from Juice, including Urban Element. This lead onto even more business. “We signed a new client (Sign Language Ltd) who happened to know Jon from Urban Element. This was purely a coincidence, but was a positive reflection on me that I knew him and was a part of Juice.”

“We’ve formed a very positive relationship with the estate agent Scott Fraser and have been doing some work for them, and have had some referrals as well.”

The ripple effect from joining Juice has given Tom a steady increase of business prospects.

Benefiting from advice and expertise

One of the challenges of Tom’s industry is that he doesn’t have ‘office colleagues’. As such, having a support network like Juice to offer advice, experience, and support has been a valuable asset. 

On the advice of the group Tom moved his main office to Witney. The relocation put Cotswold Housekeepers at the heart of Witney’s cleaning industry and as a result, his business grew.

Tom was even able to apply for the contract to clean their own premises. Charging £40 less than the nearest competitor meant that he won the contract. With extra income, he was able to off set some of their costs, resulting in the net cost of renting their office space going down to just £100 a month. 

Other benefits include the advice obtained from other Juice members, including business coach Mark Cadbury and Clive from Total Credit Management. The advice from experts in their field of business has enabled Tom to gain business insight, strengthen his own business skills and make decisions that have had a positive effect on his own business.

Tom said: “I met with Clive from Total Credit Management. He warned me off a market sector I was thinking about going into, and it proved to be one of the best decisions I’ve made.”

All this comes as a direct result of joining the Juice group, listening to members’ thoughts and making a decision based on their experience and knowledge.

How can Juice Networking help you?

Juice networking is Witney’s most professional networking group. With strong links to a variety of industries Juice can help you grow your business and make the most of the local area, just as Tom has.

If Tom’s story has inspired you to come along and see what we are all about why not get in contact with us and enquire about attending the meeting as our guest.