How do insurance and poetry mix?

How do insurance and poetry mix? You might well ask - luckily Michelle from A-Plan Insurance Witney has come up with the answer:

There once was a woman who drove a red Jeep
She said, "Oh my goodness, insurance ain't cheap!"
As soon as she said it, without skipping a beat,
She witnessed an accident right there on the street:  

An old man had fallen asleep at the wheel
(Perhaps he'd just eaten a very big meal)
Or maybe he just had a cramp in his heel?
Whatever the reason, he caused this ordeal. 

The other driver, uninjured but pissed,
Got out of his car as his engine spewed mist.
"What is your name? There'll be hell to pay!"
He said as he noticed the old man's grey. 

The old fogey said, "Oh, don't be naive,
I've got insurance coverage you wouldn't believe!"
He reached for the phone and started to speak,
With Steve at A-Plan, who was terribly sweet.

The claim was handle, completed and fair
The old man had lost no further hair.
He enjoyed dealing with A-Plan, they always seemed to care,
Dealing with call centres is such a torrid affair.

Back to the lady with the Jeep painted red:
"I need some of that, so I can sleep sound in bed.
"How much does it cost? Where do I go?
A-Plan insurance, in Witney don't you know!!

She'd tried brokers before, so wasn't so sure,
She thought that all brokers would charge her more.
But call A-Plan she most certainly did,
And as for call centres, well she got rid!

The lady's new premium was so darn low,
that with the money she saved, she visit Mexico
At A-Plan Insurance that’s just how it goes,
we’re all better off when you deal with the pros.