How Juice members benefited from giving a 10 minute presentation to the group

When you join Juice Witney Networking, members are given the opportunity to give a 10-minute presentation to introduce their business and make use of the networking opportunities and experience available at Juice.

The following questions were put forward to the members of Juice:

1) What is one benefit / advantage from your ten minute presentation that has really stood out?

Darren Green:

‘I often find that the 10 minute presentation generates numerous questions from the rest of the group about a particular service and so is a great way to share your particular knowledge / expertise with the group.

The M Group

Jon Ellard:

‘The feedback from the group helped identify some unique selling points to our service that I had never considered.’

Urban Element

Louise Dines:

‘Presenting at Juice gave other members an immediate insight into the scope and capability of Anne Jagger Recruitment. This resulted in increased interaction with other group members’.

Anne Jagger Recruitment

Kevin Ackland:

‘I found the 10 minute presentation gave me the opportunity to talk about a subject in more detail. The last time I spoke to the group I gave a talk on checklists and that enabled me to demonstrate the way that we work. I also find the other members 10 minute presentation really interesting because you get to know the company and person at a deeper level.’

Systems and Solutions

2) What did you have in mind when planning and preparing your 10 minute presentation?

Darren Green, 

‘I try to make my 10 minute slot as an advisory slot and so spend 10 minutes giving hints and tips about certain areas within my field, mostly taxation related so that members can take advantage within their own business’. 

The M Group  Jon Ellard, 

‘10 mins seems a lot but actually you don't have too much time. So most of my planning time was put into what does the group need to know to be able to refer me to their clients and suppliers’. 

Urban Element

Advice for planning your 10 minute presentation

When planning for your 10 minute presentation, have in mind what you want to achieve; are you educating, motivating or training? What are the areas of your business that you want to draw awareness to? Presenting allows you the opportunity to draw awareness to the way you work, services you offer that members may not have been aware of. What differentiates your business from its industry?

How you present, and areas of your business you focus on should influence the goals and business opportunities that you want to gain. 

Don’t overlook the background of those in the audience. Make use of the information you know regarding members’ businesses and combine this with the results you want to achieve, the type of referrals you wish to gain, and likewise the referrals that you could offer. So, if you are soon to be presenting your 10 minute presentation, check out our members’ profiles, get in contact and ask for advice before hand.

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