Networking: huge business potential

Advertising your business’s events can be time consuming in terms of making sure news of the event reaches and engages with relevant people. Who best to help promote your event than other business people with network experience and a large list of connections.

By joining us at Juice, you can put your local business on the map by advertising your business events on our events calendar. This will help give your business activities increased visibility and will raise the possibility of referrals, clients and customers.

As you’ve planned your event, the next thing to do is let people know about it. Urban Element advertise their monthly social media seminars, as is Action Coach advertising their workshop aiming to help businesses plan their next quarter.

Jon Ellard, Director at Urban Element says, 'Since advertising our events on Juice, we have seen an increase in delegates to our social media workshops'.

Networking: huge business potential

We’re active on social media too – so if the event is on our calendar, we will tweet about it and share it over LinkedIn.

From joining a business-networking group, you are given the opportunity to become an influential member of your local community. By getting to know the other Juice members, you may be in a position to refer and equally, they might know someone to recommend for you.

We have previous blogs which discuss in detail what makes a good referral, and how you can make the most of joining a networking group. If your curious to know the who the other members are, take a look at our team page.

Juice networking group is full of individuals from different backgrounds, industries and experiences resulting in a wide reach of many connections and links offering huge business potential for our group and it’s members.

We’re excited about the exponential direction we are travelling in and look forward to welcoming more and more members who share a passion for business and networking like we do here. Get in touch if you are interested in joining as a guest.