The new members of Juice Networking Group

Off the back of a recent Super Guest Day at Witney Lakes Resort, we have had three new members join our group. It has been great to have Peter, Nic and Christina join our weekly business breakfasts and it is our pleasure to introduce them to you: -

Peter Davey

business networking groupsWith an MBA from Cass Business School, Peter has worked in international banking and marketing consultancy for many years. He has a background in creating and implementing effective sales and marketing plans for a multitude of companies, and is now dedicated to helping companies get the best results from email marketing.

Why did you decide to join Juice Networking?

I joined Juice as I have recently moved to Witney and it ticks 3 of my boxes; nice people, good business opportunities and an excellent venue.

What are you hoping to gain from being a member of Juice?

In joining Juice, I am hoping to make some strong business connections for both myself and Client Mailer. I’m also looking forward to share my knowledge of email marketing and marketing in general for the benefit of the whole group.

business networking groups

Christina Taylor

Christina has worked in administrative and sales roles for over 25 years within various industry sectors, she has been involved in several start ups and enjoys organising businesses and being part of a growing venture.

Why did you decide to join Juice Networking?

I have joined Juice Networking for good business opportunities within a welcoming group of people and to enable me to grow my new business.

What are you looking to gain from being a member of Juice?

By attending Juice, I’m hoping to increase Admin Support and Solutions’ profile. I would hope that by meeting likeminded people I can find areas where they can support my business and where I can theirs.

Join our networking group as a guest

Join us as a guest to learn more about the benefits of networking and whether we are the right group for you. If you are new to networking, read our article, ‘Business Networking in Witney: How do I get the most benefit from attending as a guest’, for tips and advice.