New Years Resolutions for Business Success in 2015

What are your business resolutions for 2015? It's that time of the year to kick start the New Year anew. Get ready to generate goals that will have a positive effect on your business, based on actionable insights gained from last year.

We want all members to have a goal which will benefit the group so Juice Networking can hit the ground running starting the New Year.

New Year's resolutions from the group

Juice Networking members were asked, As a member of Juice, what will be your New Year's resolution?

  • 'To introduce two new members to the group. I also need to be having more 1-2-1s and so will approach this by adding these to my regular work diary'. Darren Green
  • 'My New Year's resolution for the group is to launch the new wesbite. My personal resolution is to bring in at least two referrals per month for members'. Jon Ellard
  • To make the “super guest day” concept a success and to have at least two 1-2-1s a month'. Kevin Ackland
  • 'To increase number of 1-2-1s with members, bring a relevant guest a month, bring at least one strong referral per month to the group and to continue to build strong working relationships and maintain trust with all group members'. Mark Cadbury
  • 'Build stronger business relationships with all members, bring a guest every 'Guest Day' we have and continue having fun'. Carl Evans

The more you invest in your business network, the more valuable it will become

1-2-1 meetings.  Setting aside time to meet with fellow members allows you to talk and identify mutual opportunities.

Providing leads and referrals.  Become a valuable member of the networking group and when you can, make a conscious effort to provide leads and referrals for other members. This can help build your reputation and raise your profile. Offering assistance to others also sets a strong foundation for receiving support in return.

Continue building strong working relationships

  • Follow-up – Call people and respond to emails
  • Collect business cards, and keep notes of the conversations you've had
  • Stay connected with people over social media

Did you know that LinkedIn is the most trusted source of profession related content among social platforms? In a study this year, it was found that 72% of respondents considered LinkedIn  to be a trustworthy source of professional content. Taking into account that Juice networking meetings are once a week, it is important to stay connected in the time between.

LinkedIn allows you to join groups, ask questions and join in conversations with colleagues or influencers. Make sure you know how to make the most of LinkedIn. At Urban Element's social media seminars, you can learn how to transform your business LinkedIn profile into a marketing tool. 

Join our Networking Group

By joining a networking group, you are coming together with other like-minded business professionals who seek similar goals to you. Keep an eye out for our next blog; a case study from a recent Synergy Session. This session offers the opportunity for a member to raise a business related issue that they would like feedback and advice from the rest of the group on.

If you have a business in the West Oxfordshire area, make it your New Year's resolution to enquire and come to our business networking group as a guest.