Our Chosen Charity This Year...

We are delighted to announce the charity that we will be supporting this year is Base 33; a community led youth charity based in Witney, West Oxfordshire.

Base 33 are an inspiring and admirable charity. For the past 15 years they have been providing intensive support to young and vulnerable people experiencing a range of personal and external challenges. Base 33 help by:

  • Youth work
  • Mentoring young people with multiple issues
  • Drug, alcohol and substance misuse
  • Helping young people into work
  • Young parent group
  • Health projects
  • Supporting young people who for a variety of reasons are not able to live at home.

Join a networking group for businesses

Our Chosen Charity This Year

Base 33 will be joining us at Juice every Tuesday morning at our weekly business-networking event

No matter the type of business you run, whether it’s a charity, a local organisation or a business that specialises in voice recognition software, it is important to keep up-to-date with business trends, new ideas, fresh concepts and experiences shared by other business owners, managers and leaders.

Networking is a valuable & enriching use of your time

Networking in person is a valuable and enriching use of your time. While you can sit at home and trawl the Internet for advice and business success stories, your opportunities are limited.

Why?...You don’t have the advantage of interacting, asking your own questions, sharing or hearing other's experiences. You close your business and yourself off to opportunities and potential referrals you wouldn’t have been exposed to otherwise.

Join our networking group as a guest

Join us as a guest to learn more about the benefits of networking and whether we are the right group for you. If you are new to networking, read our article, ‘Business Networking in Witney: How do I get the most benefit from attending as a guest’, for tips and advice.