Top winter property tips

Winter is a time when many otherwise responsible property owners leave their home unoccupied to holiday in a sunny climate or to visit family and friends. This leaves their property vulnerable to damage. ..

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Petersons Winter Newsletter - Business and Topical Tax Issues

The Winter Newsletter from Petersons contains some interesting business and topical tax issues. HMRC continue to get tough on overdue taxes. The Newsletter cover article summarises the latest position and offers advice on what action you might take if you receive one of the many debt letters they are sending. HMRC are also busy issuing penalties but appeals to the tax Tribunal continue to flow and this has led in some cases to criticism of HMRC. 'Penalty delay criticised' looks at a recent tribunal case concerning late P35 and P14 forms.  ..

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Petersons Autumn Newsletter - Business and Topical Tax Issues

The Autumn Newsletter from Petersons contains a variety of business and topical tax issues. Consistency and certainty in tax rules ensure that tax treatment is fairer so one of the Government’s latest subjects for consultation is no surprise! A ‘statutory residence test’ is long overdue given that the subject of residency has long been in debate. This affects more people than you may realise, so this edition’s cover article outlines the plans. ..

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WitneyTV Launch New Website

WitneyTV was launched in May 2010 and quickly became the site of choice for West Oxfordshire residents for the news and current affairs. Thriving to report only positive stories, WitneyTV produce short films to promote this great area.

In May 2011 WitneyTV collaborated with Urban Element to produce a new website. The site went live earlier this month and is already getting great results.  ..

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Get Financially Fit

However well intended, New Year resolutions can be a waste of time. There are the clichés such as joining the gym, quitting smoking and cutting down on alcohol consumption. Yet by the end of January, personal goals aimed at improving your lifestyle have often been hurled out of the window. Your gym kit along with your membership card remain packed in the bag in the closet, forever and a day. ..

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The grass is always greener thanks to Urban Element’s work for Perfect Lawn

Urban Element created a striking visual identity for this new company, Perfect Lawn, and then developed an attractive and informative website plus a comprehensive range of marketing literature. Copywriting, design and artwork were all handled by Urban Element for these print elements, including stationery, door-drop leaflets and marketing brochure. ..

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