Get Financially Fit

However well intended, New Year resolutions can be a waste of time. There are the clichés such as joining the gym, quitting smoking and cutting down on alcohol consumption. Yet by the end of January, personal goals aimed at improving your lifestyle have often been hurled out of the window. Your gym kit along with your membership card remain packed in the bag in the closet, forever and a day. ..

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The grass is always greener thanks to Urban Element’s work for Perfect Lawn

Urban Element created a striking visual identity for this new company, Perfect Lawn, and then developed an attractive and informative website plus a comprehensive range of marketing literature. Copywriting, design and artwork were all handled by Urban Element for these print elements, including stationery, door-drop leaflets and marketing brochure. ..

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Photocopiers and Data Protection

Peter Hellawell of Petersons has received confirmation from his supplier that this article is, indeed, correct.

Click here to read the article, and to watch a short video which shows how easily sensitive data could fall into the wrong hands... something to consider when your photocopier lease expires.

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A New Member Writes on the Benefits of Free Education and Training

As a new member I have found it extremely useful to attend these formal training sessions, as well as taking part in the informal discussions where members of the group share their commercial expertise. Crucially, as the members of the group are all in different business sectors we have different viewpoints on how to address common problems. For example, I wanted to optimise the website, but as a lawyer I am not experienced in issues surrounding website optimisation of this kind.  ..

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Mark Cadbury offers some sound business advice

Whether you are a new business, been in business a while or been established for years, it is always good to take a long hard look at what you are doing to ensure that you and your business are achieving full potential. In my experience there are always activities that a business will be doing that, if a little time is spent on first considering and then implementing change, will make a dramatic impact on the way it performs. Here are just a few: ..

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