Revisit Juice Networking as a Guest

Juice Networking Witney is recognised as a networking group for high quality referrals, business support, camaraderie and accountability. This is a reputation that we uphold with our current members and want to show potential new members.


If you have come to one of our networking events as a guest, and are still undecided, we would like to offer you the opportunity to attend again for free.

From coming as a guest again, we want to further demonstrate the benefits, and help you to decide whether Juice Networking Witney is right for you. You will have the chance to speak one-to-one with the chair of the group. This one-to-one will allow us to learn of your business and personal requirements from being a member of the group.

Remember, being a guest will not lead to referrals, but being a member will. You may not receive a business opportunity the first time you come to one of our networking events, however this doesn't mean that networking is not effective. It takes time for the members of the group to get to know you. Once members get to know more about you and your business, you will then start to generate business opportunities and referrals. Find out what current Juice members believe makes a good referral.

When you decide to join as a member, there are many networking opportunities during the meetings every Tuesday at Witney Lakes Resort. At different times the morning's agenda may include:

  • 10 minute presentations
    An opportunity for you to share more information about your business and services with the group. This gives members a more in-depth understanding of your business and USPs to be able to refer more easily.
  • Synergy session
    An opportunity for members to raise a particular issue or matter that they would like feedback, views and opinions from the group on.
  • Speed meet
    A one to one meeting with another member enabling you to identify mutual opportunities

Make sure you have read the post that covers the benefits of attending Juice Networking Witney if you are yet to attend as a guest . If you have come as a guest before, make sure you join us again. If you feel you know other business owners based in West Oxfordshire who would be interested in joining us, please do invite them along.