Top winter property tips

Winter is a time when many otherwise responsible property owners leave their home unoccupied to holiday in a sunny climate or to visit family and friends. This leaves their property vulnerable to damage.

Unoccupied properties and cold weather do not make the perfect mix and many people are confused as to what to leave on and what to switch off. To protect your property, Stephen Hodge has compiled an advice checklist:

  • Ensure you have an up to date insurance policy, taking particular note of the exclusions!
  • Leave your heating on low, DO NOT TURN OFF!
  • Remove insulation from below loft tanks. hot air rises and will help your tank not to freeze
  • Leave a key with a neighbour or trusted friend who lives nearby
  • Turn water of fat the mains. This will limit water volume and therefore water damage from bursts
  • Leave internal doors open
  • Test fire alarm and sprinkler system if installed
  • Insulate outside tap with specialist covers or alternatively be creative and use a woolly hat!!
  • Clear gutters of leaves/debris to avoid ice buildup which could pull gutters down
  • Note and attend to gaps in pipe lagging, especially around 'elbows'
  • Insulate condense pipe on new boilers to prevent 'switch off'
  • Keep your service contract number and emergency telephone numbers to hand

For further free advice to keep you, your family, possessions and businesses safe this Winter give Stephen Hodge a call on 01993 705 765.

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