What makes a good referral

There are fantastic opportunities to take advantage of as a member of Juice Networking, one being business referrals and leads.

Tom Hesling Cotswold Commercial Cleaners LTD:

"Jon Ellard (Urban Element) took us on for cleaning his office and home. This referral came from us cleaning Kevin Ackland's office and Kevin has been been our most regular and consistent referrer in the group."

Carl Evans Wealth Management LTD, Associate Partner Practice of St. James Place Wealth Management:

"A good referral for me is simple. All I want is the opportunity to speak with a prospect face to face. Usually this is from a member who over the course of time has been educated well enough to spot an opportunity. I would stress the prospect needs to know who I am and is expecting my call.

I was referred several years ago to a Professor from Oxford University. Clearly a very intelligent man with absolutely no idea about the pensions he had. I was referred by Peter Hellawell simply to undertake a pension review. This client in terms of funds under management is still in my top 3! I received this referral from spending the time with Peter at Juice building trust and understanding."

As a business owner it’s great to receive referrals however, you don’t want to waste time or energy chasing an unrealistic or irrelevant lead. So the following question was put forward to the members of Juice Networking - What makes a good referral?

As a member of Juice, you may have a large client and contact base. Your suggestions as to what makes a good referral should help you filter your recommendations when it comes to introducing relevant and quality contacts.

A range of useful and valuable responses were received. These were released over Twitter last week, but here they are again if you missed them.

  1. A good referral should be pre qualified - quality over quantity every time
  2. Referrals should be to key decisions makers - they should have authority to say yes and agree budget
  3. A good referral should be based in the right target business sector - niche over generalization
  4. Geography is important when giving referrals - they need to be able to supply their area reliably and at profit
  5. Referrals should provide potential business already on the table
  6. A good referral doesn't require the sale to be immediate, the opportunity to build a relationship is just as strong
  7. Contacts over leads - specific contacts within a business can be just as valuable as a referral

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Would you like to add more suggestions? If so, comment below.