Christopher Lyon

Christopher Lyon | Juice Networking Witneys

As a student of graphic design I was particularly interested in, and excelled at, visual communication—the art of turning a concept into a visual story. In the years since graduating university I have continued to study and develop these skills, whilst continually deepening my appreciation for the power of effective branding. I am now privileged to have the opportunity to use my skills and knowledge to help clients in a variety of industries add perceived value to your services and products.

I particularly enjoy working with start-ups and small to medium sized enterprises, learning about your business and industry and why you are valuable to your target consumers. Once I understand these key pieces of information, I can then design (or redesign) a recognisable and memorable identity for your brand, including an intriguing name, a punchy slogan and a beautiful logo—all designed with your target market in mind.

Once your brand’s identity is ready to be admired by the world, I will be on hand to help you with all the creative paraphernalia that you might want to place it on. Business cards, flyers, direct mail campaigns, brochures, packaging, social media artwork, book covers and typesetting, info graphics, clothing—I have done them all and more!

Juice Endorsement:

Since joining the Juice network I have really enjoyed the opportunity to work with several new clients. Meetings are always focussed whilst remaining light hearted and fun, and the group is a fantastic way to make connections as well as friends. I would absolutely recommend Juice to anyone looking for a group of friendly professionals to join.