Neil Sleight
Talking Typist

Neil Sleight | Juice Networking Witneys

Talking Typist specialises in helping local businesses reduce the time it takes to complete paperwork by using voice recognition software. We provide the software, training and all the support that you need, and it is now so good that we offer a personal guarantee that it will work for you.

Neil Sleight is the owner of Talking Typist, a company selling voice recognition software, based in Oxfordshire.

You should expect to achieve typing speeds of up to 120 words a minute, and in addition to dictating text directly into applications such as Microsoft Word and your emails, you can also use a mobile phone to send a recorded dictation so it is ready for you in text form when you get back to the office!

“I have only been using voice recognition software for a week, but after Neil’s training, it has transformed the way that I work.” Employment Lawyer, Witney

Neil helps local businesses that are one-man bands, and also more corporate organisations such as the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

"It gives me a real sense of satisfaction to help local business with what is often perceived as an onerous task, and to make it much easier for them."

Neil has only recently joined Juice but has been running the business for 21 years. He is hoping that he can increase the amount of work that he does locally.

"Having always worked with computers I started out on my own after being made redundant, helping both children and adults with a disability access a computer, perhaps because they are unable to use a keyboard, or to help with communication or learning. Following our move back to Witney in 2013, my aim is to help more local businesses although I still do some work for people with disabilities such as dyslexia and RSI."

In his spare time Neil runs up to half marathon distance, plays the guitar, and enjoys cooking, especially baking fresh bread.