Regina Lally

Regina Lally | Juice Networking Witneys

Databasix demonstrate how amazing data can be to those who are not quite sure, a little bit scared or downright terrified of the data they collect. But whatever they do, they put people at the centre of what we do.

Working with Databasix, individuals within organisations will be able to revolutionise their attitude to data and unlock its true potential and value, ensuring that every item is beneficial at every level.

Prior to establishing Databasix with partner Kellie Peters in 2015, Regina has worked across a variety of data projects during her NHS career, including designing and implementing the Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy Dataset for England. They have since enjoy a variety of projects which draw on their skill set across different sectors; a selection have linked closely to their healthcare and information governance expertise, whilst other projects have focused on their expertise in engaging people in collecting high quality data to the benefit of their business and decision-making.

Databasix believe the keys to unlocking the data are:

- Engaging with the right people and systems to demystify data requirements

- Identifying and communicating the value and benefit of data

- Rationalising data management (processes, collection and outputs)

- Engaging with individuals at every stage of the data management process

-Ensuring that data is protected through staff awareness about what can and cannot be shared in accordance with the Data Protection Act and GDPR

Databasix can help you unlock your data through auditing, advisory services, training and bespoke projects.