The top 3 benefits of networking in Oxfordshire

Oxford City and Oxfordshire rank high on any list of places that are good for business, featuring as one of the main business hubs in the South of England. Listed as the best place to start a business in the UK in a Nominet survey, and also ranking on’s list of the top 25 cities in the UK to start a business, Oxford has an impressive business survival rate of 45% and an abundance of talent and business support.

For industries in aerospace, engineering and the life sciences sectors, there’s a high level of expertise, an existing infrastructure and collaboration opportunities. Technology and the creative industries are also well-represented, and Oxford has been recognised as one of the UK’s top creative hotspots.

The Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership (OxLEP) also plays a key role in driving business opportunities in Oxfordshire. It secures funds and establishes jobs, while focusing on building relationships between businesses, academia and the public sector.

Networking in Oxfordshire

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Networking is an effective way to make the most of business opportunities across the county and beyond. Oxfordshire has a very active networking community, with a wide selection of groups to call on for support, no matter what stage your business is at.

There are many benefits of networking in Oxfordshire, but calling out just the top three will demonstrate how much you can gain.

1. Get and keep visibility

Networking helps to both get and keep visibility of your business. Attending events regularly means you will see and be seen, and as you meet people and develop relationships, you’ll build trust, credibility and loyalty with your networking groups. With an estimated 4,370 businesses in Oxford City alone, and many business networking groups as part of the supporting infrastructure, there are multiple opportunities to increase your presence.

2. Collaborate for success

Meeting people who are at the same or different stage of business as you will help to generate new ideas and ways of working together. Oxfordshire has a highly educated and qualified population. It’s still a relatively small area but is well-situated and connected in the South East. Opportunities to meet like-minded focused business people are many and often. Finding simple ways to help the people you meet will also enhance your credibility and lead to further opportunities for collaboration. 

3. Be in the know

With so much business activity going on across the county, staying on top of the latest developments and activities can be a challenge. By networking and meeting other business people you’ll be in a position to hear more about the latest opportunities and understand how you can get to be a part of relevant new developments. From OxLEP’s Strategic Economic Plan for the area, down to individual opportunities that arise, the more you understand about the current economic and business landscape, the better placed you’ll be to gain advantages for your business.

West Oxfordshire networking opportunities

Oxfordshire is a large county, and its business areas tend to break down more locally into North, South, Central (City) and West.

West Oxfordshire has an abundance of opportunities for small to medium sized businesses, with a wealth of networking groups.

At Juice, we’re proud to play a significant role in networking in Oxfordshire, and our track record shows just how successful we are.

Find out for yourself how networking in Oxfordshire raises visibility, creates opportunities for collaboration and keeps you up-to-date with all the latest business developments. Join us soon at one of our regular Super Guest Days.

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