Home Office Security

Home Office Security

The security of our home office is something that we take for granted.

Think about the last time you were in a large corporate office. Maybe there was a security guard as you entered the building? No doubt there were a couple of security cameras? And maybe they even had an ID checkpoint or security access lock before you could get to the main office?

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Joy’s New Cow!

Joy’s New Cow!

As our partner charity for 2020/21, Juice members were delighted to get behind African Children’s Fund’s special appeal to buy a new cow for the Joy Children’s Home in Kenya. Though the on-site school at Joy closed in March when Kenyan lockdown restrictions were introduced, the home has continued to provide a safe, friendly residence to dozens of children since then. As its name suggested, Joy is a happy haven for those who stay there.

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Juice members receiving cheque

Charity of the Year Announcement

Once more, we are thrilled to confirm African Children’s Fund has been nominated Charity of the Year for Juice Networking in Witney until May 2021, extending our partnership which began in June 2018 into a third year.

"African Children’s Fund have been the Juice Networking Charity of the Year for the past two years; already an unprecedented achievement in itself. This is testament to the passion and hard work by Tamsyn and the simple message that every effort we provide has huge benefits for the charity.   Within our networking group, African Children’s Fund has benefitted from members' expertise and advice along with our donations, but where they have distinguished themselves is their ability to give back, both to the group and its members and they embody the perfect addition to our group.  With this in mind, we are delighted and proud to announce this relationship will continue for a further twelve months."

Please read the full article on their website here.

How to spring clean your Oxfordshire networking pitch

Is your networking pitch feeling fusty and dusty? Do the people you pitch to look tired and uninspired? Perhaps it’s time for a good spring clean. So muster your feather dusters, and let’s take a look at how you can throw out what isn’t working, and polish what remains to perfection.

If you’ve been to a networking session, you might have taken part in that peculiar ritual: the pitch. At some sessions, participants will take it in turns to stand up and let the group know what they are up to. The problem is that without care and attention, pitches can become predictable – and even boring.

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Networking can be cringy, so why bother?

Some people love to network – the opportunity to meet new people, learn new things, and make new connections. But to others, networking can be so cringy. It can make the best of us shrivel up inside with the anticipation of ‘working a room’.

If you’re the kind of person who runs the other way when you see a networking session listed on a conference agenda, it might be because you have the fear of ‘the cringe’: those awkward moments when someone does something embarrassing, or says something that goes against your sense of what’s courteous. Worse still, it might be you making the faux pas…

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upcoming events

Upcoming Events

Longworth Quiz Night & Supper

Saturday, 27 April 2024
6:30 pm 10:00 pm

Hosted by African Children's Fund

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Guest Days

Every First Tuesday of the month.

7 - 8:30am

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