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West Oxfordshire networking opportunities come in many different shapes and sizes, so how do you discover the right group for you? Read these top tips to find out more about finding the right networking group.

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Most of us have had butterflies in the stomach and sweaty palms when we’ve attended a new networking group for the first time. Networking can be a challenge for many people. If you are setting out on your own in business, or looking to expand into a new area, finding a group you want to be part of can be hit and miss.

Yet, finding your networking tribe opens up so many opportunities – meeting like-minded business owners and potential clients; establishing mutually rewarding connections; and having genuine conversations about shared experiences.

West Oxfordshire networking opportunities come in many different shapes and sizes, so how do you discover the right group for you?

The top five questions to ask before joining a networking group

1. What do I want to accomplish?

Be clear about what you want from a group at the outset. Do you want to break an isolating work pattern by grabbing an informal coffee with others in the same situation? Do you want to meet people in a similar industry to look at opportunities for collaboration? Do you just want to get as many referrals as you can?

Once you know what your focus is, look at the practicalities:

2. Will the meetings fit into my working week?

Make sure the group is easy to get to, it fits in with your schedule, and you can commit to going regularly. Networking isn’t a one-shot activity; it’s about growing and sustaining relationships over time and building up trust with other members.

3. How much time will it take?

Preparation before meetings, follow-up meetings, keeping in touch between meetings, all take time. Some groups require a constant feed of referrals which you need to be working on, others take a more relaxed approach.

4. Can I try the group before joining?

While you can’t hope to discover everything on a single visit, you’ll get a good idea of whether a particular group is right for you. Making the most of guest days will help you decide.

5. Is it a good fit for me?

If the thought of entering a room full of suits trying to sell you something breaks you out in a cold sweat, or if a group of people sitting chatting over coffee makes you feel apathetic, recognise what works best for you. Judge the dynamics of any group you visit to see if it gives you energy and inspiration to grow your business.

Why you should choose Juice

  • Juice is a friendly group where members can promote their businesses in a welcoming environment. We also run closed synergy sessions where individuals can ask for support and advice.
  • We’re a great size, not too large to be impersonal and not too small to limit the number of valuable business opportunities we create for each other.
  • A relaxed but professional group, we encourage referrals as a core part of what we do, but we don’t like to pressurise our members – we want you to enjoy business networking.
  • We have only one member from a particular profession at a time, so you won’t be competing directly in the group. Instead you can focus on gaining and generating leads.
  • It’s not all business - we hold regular nights out to make sure we have fun too. And we’re very proud of the work we do to support local charities.
  • We’re a West Oxfordshire networking group that meets at breakfast time so you can enjoy networking then get on with your day. Our Witney Lakes Resort location is easy to get to and has lots of free parking, making it a fantastic and easy option.


Find out if Juice works for you.

Try one of our West Oxfordshire networking meetings as a guest - you’ll be personally welcomed and buddied up when you visit and we won’t leave you to fend for yourself.

Find out more and book your visit now. There’s no need to be nervous about Juice – just take the leap and try us out!

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