Business Networking in Witney: How do I get the most benefit from attending as a guest?

Get your 60 seconds worth when networking.

Keep It Short and Simple. Try and avoid cramming in too much information, but make it catchy and memorable. Also plan and rehearse. Your 60-second pitch can be manipulated to suit who you are talking to, and what you are trying to gain when networking.

Pitch 1: Explain your benefits. If you want to introduce your services - what do you do for people? What do you help people to achieve?

Pitch 2: Tell your story. What are you looking for now? Do you want to expand your services, advice etc?

Pitch 3: Target your market. Ideal if you are looking for referrals Who do you work with and what do you achieve?

If you have a speech planned for each pitch, choose which is most relevant to who you are speaking to and that way, you’ll get the most out of your 60 seconds.

Connect before you attend a networking session

Connect over LinkedIn and follow on Twitter. Take note; before you build connections with people you may want to work with, or people who could potentially refer you, make sure your LinkedIn profile is completely up to date. If you don’t connect with people before, make sure you reach out and connect with them immediately afterwards.

Juice Networking Witney meet up once a week, so interacting and maintaining communications over social media is important. This can be done by sharing content and engaging in relevant conversations.

If the above is unfamiliar territory, Urban Element, a member of Juice Networking Witney, offer complimentary social media seminars to local business on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Take marketing material to networking events

Finally, if people ask for your details or a business card, make sure you have something to hand.

Attend as a guest

If you are interested in the benefits of networking and exposing your business to more opportunities, join as a guest to find out more. Also, keep an eye on the next post to find out more about the joining process, and the benefits thereafter.

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