Networking for Success: Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

For both business owners and entrepreneurs, building a successful business, whether or not it's from scratch, can at times be a lonely and difficult pursuit. Making the initiative to join a networking group is an opportunity to help and support your own business.

Business meeting

Forming strong connections with others can prove to be invaluable, especially as they may have encountered similar challenges or had similar experiences as yourself. In short, there are numerous ways members of a networking group can be helpful regarding your business queries and goals. The chance to trial a networking group isn't that common – so take the opportunity to find out whether Juice is right for you by attending as a guest.

Network for Mutual Business Growth and Success

We are a supportive group, and we implement various networking activities which aim to leverage each other's strengths and experiences in order to offer advice where and when it's needed, bringing about mutual business growth and success.

At Juice Networking, members are encouraged to make use of the regular Synergy Sessions held. These sessions set aside time for members to reach out to other members and raise a particular challenge or issue they'd like advice or ideas from the group on.

A recent example of a member's use of the Synergy Session is to show one of the many reasons why business owners and entrepreneurs decide to join our networking group.

Synergy Session Networking - Member's Situation:

"My business has two Directors, and has been running for three years. As of yet, we have no business plan, we have no employees, and instead use contractors. Our business goal is to grow strategically next year, what would you do if you were in my shoes?"

What follows are questions from the other member's to help pinpoint what the member is looking for so that they can offer sound advice. The questions put forward can also pose a return benefit of prompting the member to become aware of areas they may not have considered before. It can even make them realize that the issue is a different one entirely. 

Overall, this networking session provides you with the opportunity to refine and focus your business goals to meet your business requirements.

Synergy Session Networking - Examples of questions from the panel:

  • “Define growth – profit, client based?”
  • “Why do you have no staff – peaks and troughs in trade?”
  • “Do you know your competition and their rates?”
  • “Can you make the time to grow your company?”
  • “Have you got a clear sales pitch and a USP?”

The final part of the Synergy Session is for the fellow members to say what they would do if it was their own challenge they were facing. The answers given provide a range of ideas for the member to consider and review. The next step is for the member to say what they intend to implement in the next 30 days, then reporting the progress back to the group at a later date.

Reach Out and Connect

Networking can help you gain much needed information about prospects, competitors and your industry so that you can make strategic decisions that will guide your business to success.

Whether you're looking for customers, help or information, it's all much easier to achieve when you start connecting. Therefore make the first move and find out how we can help you. Join us on LinkedIn if you have any questions, otherwise fill in our form and come as a guest to see if we're suitable for you!

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