What Juice members really think about our Witney networking group

At Juice, we’re a team of curious creatures. After 10 years running the Witney networking group, we were keen to find out what our members thought of us. We surveyed a diverse mix of 15 attendees to find out more about how they feel about the group and to learn how we can further build and improve upon our networking sessions.

Here’s who we surveyed:

  • 19% of the respondents have been attending the Witney networking group for over 5 years
  • 25% have been with us for 3-5 years
  • 38% have been attending for 1-3 years
  • 19% were relatively new members, having been with us for less than a year

Here’s what we found:

We asked members what they liked most about the Witney networking group and what keeps them coming back

A few members stated that the friendly atmosphere at the meetings was one of the major reasons they kept coming back. “As a group, we work hard to create an open environment,” one respondent said. “So it’s great to hear that new members feel welcomed!” One member talked about how they were initially worried about coming to the meeting but the “friendly, welcoming Juice members very quickly changed my initial ‘networking’ perception.” Another member said: “It’s such a friendly atmosphere - I feel that people really care about others in the group.”

Members generally enjoyed the level of support they received from the group, whether that was support with dealing with business-related issues or general guidance and encouragement. A few members felt that the group provided a great opportunity to network without any added pressure to bring new people along. In particular, members seem to be enjoying the relaxed nature of our meetings.

We asked members how the Witney networking group compared to other networking groups

One of the most common answers was around the ‘no-pressure’ nature of the group. Members felt that, compared to other networking groups they had attended, we provided a relaxed environment ‘without undue pressure’. One member stated that while the meetings were business-focused, they were not too stuffy. They go on to state: ‘There is still structure to the group and the meetings - it just feels more relaxed and enjoyable than many other groups around.’

We asked members whether they would recommend our Witney networking group

A whopping 94% of respondents said they would recommend Juice to other business people.

One member highly recommended the group to others in business, stating: ‘If you’re looking for a friendly, fun networking group with a mix of attendees from different backgrounds and businesses who really want to collaborate with you for mutual benefits, this is definitely the group for you!’ Another member mentioned the friendly environment as a key reason to attend, stating ‘Juice is by far the most welcoming and friendly networking group I have experienced.’ We’ll take that!

A few of the respondents encouraged other business professionals to try it out for themselves to meet ‘like-minded people’ and see whether they like it. And we agree! Attend as a guest and you’ll quickly get an idea of whether the group is a good fit for you and your business.

Finally, we asked members what (if anything) they would change about Juice

While we’re highly encouraged by the fact that a few of the members claimed they would change nothing, there was also some constructive feedback that we can use to improve future sessions. A few members stated that they would like more caffeine (noted!), while others asked for fruit options at breakfast.

One member recommended encouraging more participation in the organisation of the group in order to get everybody more involved. Another member mentioned they would like to see more of the synergy sessions, which they had participated in once and found ‘truly enlightening’.

All in all, we received incredibly positive feedback across the board, which is encouraging to see. As always though, it’s important to continue to think of ways in which we can grow and improve the Juice networking group in Witney for all current and future members.

Join us as a guest and see why 94% of survey respondents recommend Juice Networking to other business people.

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